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Do you qualify to buy a property through Superannuation? 


Buying property through super is a lot easier than you think. The question everyone's asking themselves is where do I start? and do I qualify?
To start simple, you set up a self-managed super fund. As for qualifying comes down to a handful of questions and requirements to know if you do.  

However, even though you might be able to set up an SMSF the question we always ask ourselves is, is this in my best interest and if so will this potentially exceed their current retirement plans. 
Everyone understands how hard we all work for our money so we can contribute to our Superannuation. That's why we need to make sure our Super is working as hard as we are. That is the question you really need to be asking yourself, is could our super be performing better?

If so could I potentially be in a better financial position to become retired through Super? Well lucky enough for some clients this is the case.

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Our simple step-by-step guide will guide you through our easy flexible criteria to purchase property through super and make sure it's the right move to get your Super working for you. 
The first step is pre-qualifications, this allows the mortgage brokers to calculate your lending capacity, from here we can show you all options that fit your requirements, location, and taste to pick the right investment.
To see you are eligible to book in for a free 20-minute strategy session 
Fill out the form above and a senior advisor to give you a call to discuss. 

Terms & Conditions Apply

(we are not a licensed financial service company, we can not provide any financial or super advice. Our strategic partners and a licensed advisor will provide the advice if you qualify, we only provide the property service once they advise that you are and its confirmed to be in your best interest in purchasing property within your super. 

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