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Nationally Recognised Property Investment Experts

PRL Solutions Are Accredited Corporate PIPA Members



PRL Solutions is a Premier Property Consultancy Agencies with over 20 years of combined experience. We help Australians achieve the lifestyle they deserve and the retirement dreams they have always hoped for through a proven strategy, Real Estate.  


We pride ourselves on the highest level of integrity, professionalism, and expertise to provide the best investments and services to ensure our client's success. So whether you're wanting to build a property portfolio or just to assess your financial position you can be confident that we will be with you every step of the way to secure your financial future. 

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Our capabilities

First time investors - NewStart

NewStart is our dedicated program for educating and nurturing first-time investors.

We appreciate that you have been working very hard and that you are investing your hard earned savings. Your first step into the investment world can be scary. Protecting this initial investment is paramount.


With our understanding of the market, combined with your specific budget and goals, our team is able to educate and guide you through every step of the investment process. So you can be very comfortable and confident knowing you've made the right decision.

You will be using the same proven investment strategies used by the Investment Consultant that you will be dealing with.

As a client, you are granted complete access to our extensive research and resources and professionals in this field. This is designed to educate and support you as you build your investment knowledge and portfolio. 


This is the key to you securing safe and rewarding future investment opportunities with us. Your success is our success.

- Fast track your first deposit

- Secure the right first investment         property

- Work with your investment mentor

- Pay your own home off in 10               years not 30

- Full access to our research and         resources and professionals

- Full time support

Already an Investor - PortfolioBuilder

PortfolioBuilder is for investors already established in the property market.


PRL Solutions offers a range of services to fast track our clients’ path to financial freedom.

Whether you already have a portfolio and require structural portfolio guidance, or are ready to duplicate with us, our team can help you through the process. This is an exciting time for our clients as our favorite term ‘compound growth’ takes shape.

The PortfolioBuilder program is designed to fast track your journey to building a successful portfolio of investment properties that provide the lifestyle that you desire.

At this point of your investment journey you may also wish to diversify your investment strategy from house & land to duplex, town houses. 

Best thing about PortfolioBuilder that we have access to stock and experience that you may not already have. Which will take your existing portfolio to the next level. 

- Ensure your portfolio is correctly               structured

- Diversify your investment Portfolio

- Position yourself to reach your lifestyle       goals earlier

- Gain access to experience and                 resources


- 1 on 1 mentor-ship  

- Exclusive property options


About US

PRL Solutions is one of the very few companies that specilaise in positve gearing inside of Super and outside using equity. We combined over 25 years experience and Expertise in all investment fields to give you the best service & investment the market has to offer. 

We have a proven track record so you can comfortable & confident you are dealing with the right company also, with that comes value for life, memorable experience and a personalized service which will ensure success.

We have everything you need to become Financially Free all under the one roof, so you don't need any previous experience. Allows us to tailor our services based on what you want and need.

We take a very personal and professional approach to ensure long term success. We ensure all of our clients are successful so we put YOU first

We work with clients from all walks of life so we understand investing for first time can scary but with our process we make it very simple any easy for anyone to be successful following a proven strategy. 


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